Be a beta tester of my Apps

Welcome to the beta releases of two exciting Android apps catering to different interests.

Paragliding in Austria

The first app provides paragliding enthusiasts with information about paragliding in Austria, specifically in the regions where Airtime is active. This app aims to enhance the paragliding experience by offering features such as information about landing circuits at different wind directions and webcam images or video.

Grafheuvels in het Gooi

The second app focuses on the region “Het Gooi” and is related to burial mounds, catering to those interested in exploring historical and cultural aspects of the region. This app is in Dutch only.

These beta releases are open for download and testing, allowing visitors to explore and provide feedback to improve the apps before their official launch.

To stay informed about upcoming app releases and contribute to the continuous enhancement of your user experience, I encourage you to revisit this page periodically. As the developer, I am committed to creating innovative apps catering to diverse interests, offering you the opportunity to explore a variety of new and exciting applications.